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Friday, July 31, 2015

10 destinations like Paris

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Peaceful, tolerant Amsterdam is recognized for numerous of the similar qualities as Paris. Its trio of outstanding art galleries, whilst not as iconic as the Louvre, jointly contains a collection that is just as imposing.

9. Prague, the Czech Republic

Nicknamed the crossroad of Europe, Prague has picked up influence from both east plus west and blended them in to a stunning farrago of architecture that enchant populace from all over the globe.

8. Florence, Italy

Europe's preeminent metropolis for 250 years as well as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, you might say that Florence was Paris century previous to Paris became Paris.

7. Melbourne, Australia

It's pretty not viable to beat Paris for the enjoyment of spending a day strolling among cafés, but Melbourne top it on one front as a minimum – the coffee.

6. Vienna, Austria

If Melbourne is spearheading modern trends in coffee, then Austria's cafés were doing the similar back in 1683, while the first coffee shop opened in the metropolis, using beans taken from beaten Ottoman invaders.

5. Stockholm, Sweden

Coffee and cake continue in Stockholm with fika, a usual afternoon ceremony which involves consuming coffee with somewhat sweet whilst pondering the question of this existential galaxy with friend. But Stockholm is an excellent place to visit further than the coffee shops; a city of broad skies as well as shimmering water spread crossways a chain of islands, connected by a web of stylish bridges.

4. Quebec City, Canada

The capital of French-speaking Quebec is frequently overshadowed by the easy style of its neighbor to the south; however Quebec City is essentially one of North America’s oldest as well as most stylish settlements. This is noticeable to anyone who’s wander the city’s stunning Old Town, a UNESCO World inheritance Site that, with its cobblestone street, 17th century houses as well as gothic churches, feels disconcertingly similar to France's Rouen.

3. Seville, Spain

Approximately everything about Seville is diverse from Paris: the art, the streets, the architecture, the food, the trees, the shops, the music. But it has all of these, as well as showcases them with the similar passion as well as sensuality that have made Paris the globe capital of romance.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

"The Paris of South America" is the epithet Argentina’s tourist business has succeeded in attach to their country’s lively capital. And though skeptical you may be of such a obvious attempt to draw wealthy gringos, one time you step out on to the grand Parisian boulevards criss-crossing its middle, you’ll be forced to admit to a striking resemblance.

1. Montreal, Canada

Montreal might have lost its place as Canada’s most excellent city over the precedent few decades; though this has only accentuated its Parisian attraction. It is a wonderful city for the flaneur, who could watch the bilingual post-industrial life unfold whilst weaving through a warren of old city streets in the Vieux Port or else strolling next to the Lachine Canal. Whilst doing so, this idler could pause to take in French-flavored sight like the neo-gothic Basilique Notre-Dame, or else to grab a meal from a corner café or else candlelit bistro.

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