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Friday, July 31, 2015

Top 10 best features of tranquil of Dalhousie

There are few places you must see around Dalhousie.

Ajit Singh Memorial

Sardar Ajit Singh, a grand freedom fighter, breathed his last on the day India gained freedom, 15th August, 1947. His 'Samadhi' is situated at Dalhousie's Panjpulla, a charming spot with a natural tank as well as water flowing under small bridges from which the place take its name. At Panjpulla, there is a 'Samarak' in the reminiscence of Sardar Ajit Singh. On the way to Panjpulla is Satdhara spring gurgling with stimulating water, believed to hold some medical properties. Panjpulla stream is the major source of water supply to Dalhousie as well as Bahloon.


The spot guidelines a beautiful as well as grand panoramic sight of the nearby landscape and eye travels wide above hill and dale, smooth and ruggedness, field and forest, till in the direction of Jammu plus Kashmir, it meet a horizon of snow peaks. Kalatop in Chambiali dialect means a 'black cap'. A good-looking Forest Rest House with a chowkidar redidence stand amidst the thick afforests. The place comes beneath a Wild life sanctuary recognized as Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary.


20 Kms from Hotel Mount outlook referred as the Mini Switzerland of India is one of the premiums Saucer shaped meadows lined by tall Deodar Trees as well as a Lake in the middle with over a 500 year old Wooden Nag Temple close to the Lake.

Lakkad Mandi

13 km. from Hotel Mount View, this little sanctuary lies in the catchment of the Ravi River, and contain patches of fine coniferous and Oak forests.

Jandari Ghat

Jandari Ghat commands a panoramic view of snow enclosed Pir Panjal Range as well as other surrounding hills.

St. Francis Church

Dalhousie is well recognized for its church building and other landmark erected by the British. The city has old churches like St. Francis' Church ( 1894 ), St. John's Church ( 1853 ), St. Andrew's Church ( 1903 ) as well as St. Patric's Church ( 1909 ).

Bholani Mata

10 km from Hotel Mount View, is Dainkund is the uppermost mountain in Dalhousie; at an height of 2755 mtrs it provide the picture book landscape of the whole valley. The astonishing experience of a pliable trudge in a good-looking ambience is rather spectacular.

Bhalai Mat

32 km. from Hotel Mount View, the powerful Bhadrakali temple of Bhalai Mata, the local deity, is much appreciated as well as revert place of Chamba district.

Chamera Dam project

This is the tank of the Chamera dam built above the river Ravi. Chamera Lake is an artificial lake come into existence as a result of Chamera Hydroelectric project.

Sach Pass

The All year Snow enclosed pass into Pangi valley is a must see on a journey to Dalhousie 120 Kms from Dalhousie be in Snow all year about and enjoy regal views of Chamba and Pangi vale on the other side the pass is situated over 14000 feet in breathtaking views. If you desire to go for a long trek, Dalhousie is a perfect go away for the Sach Pass trek.

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