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Friday, July 31, 2015

Top 10 most visited Caribbean islands

The Caribbean is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for travelers all over world. Though the Caribbean is frequently associated with lavishness cruises and rich celebs, there is no cause for the bargain-hunter to stay away. Here are the top 10 Caribbean destination which you must consider for your holiday this year.

10. Cuba

Cuba is a country which approximately seems to be trapped in time. Though tourism to Cuba has experienced difficulty of late, it is still certainly worth your while to go as well as experience the magnificent architecture, traditional foods as well as unique local customs.

09. Bermuda

Bermuda is a small island, with enormous possibilities. Snorkelling is a favorite pastime of both locals as well as tourists, the former of who are tremendously welcoming of visitors. Scooters are an ordinary way to get about, and the many private coves present unparalleled opportunity for relaxation.

08. St Barts

St Barts frequently feels more akin to Paris than it does to the West Indies. Ethnically diverse and naturally chic, the waters about this beautiful island are littered with yachts which could be chartered for remarkable day trips on these calm waters.

07. St Lucia

St Lucia is well-known for its drive-in volcano – the merely one of its kind in the globe – which features a sulphur spring as well as adjoining mud baths. More than that though, St Lucia has several of the most beautiful tropical landscape in the world.

06. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico might not be at the heart of the Caribbean; however this stunning country certainly has the heart of a Caribbean island. Puerto Rico’s culture as well as history is rich and unique – perfect for travelers who are in search of new experiences.

05. Jamaica

Made well-known by Reggae singer Bob Marley, Jamaica is a Caribbean island with the spirit of an African nation. Food, drink as well as music play an enormous part in Jamaica’s cultural individuality, and festivities are a usual occurrence.

04. The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are famous for their plenty of wildlife as well as sea life, and are home to an array of astonishing coral reefs.

03. Dominica

Dominica is another island which is ideal for nature lovers, as its profusion of waterfalls and climbing trails mean that there would always be a new voyage just about the next turn. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is mainly well known for its varied beauty.

02. Aruba

If you are a fan of water sports as well as sailing, Aruba must be your destination of choice. This striking island has abundance of stunning beach and lively docks, from which boats could be chartered daily.

01. St Martin

If fine dining is on your mind, the plentiful restaurants and lolos of St Martin would be sure to lure you in. Not simply that, however the duty free shops will prove to be a tempting lure for any traveler in search of a bargain. If there is any complaint about this part-French, part-Dutch island-piled elevated with nightclubs, restaurants, as well as resorts—it's that there is too much of everything.

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