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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

3 Best Waterfalls in India

Dudhsagar Waterfall
Dudhsagar Waterfall is one of the most beautiful places in Goa. It is located 60 kilometers east of the capital of Goa Panaji, in the foothills of the Western Ghats. It is the second largest in India. Water Falls is a milky-white color, which is why it was called the "ocean of milk". Hike to the waterfall is quite large, it lasts all day long. The road to the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, where the waterfall takes about an hour, and then change to a jeep, to overcome several rivers and 8 km off-road. At the foot of the waterfall, you can swim in the clear mountain lakes with cool water and then feed life into these little monkeys jungle. After visiting the waterfall, you can see the old railway bridge that was built in the British Raj in India and a passing train on it. The bridges and trains are still used for regular transport from Goa to Karnataka. The beauty of this place, to make the trip to the waterfall Dudhsagar one of the most  memorable and exciting tourist destinations in Goa.

Atirapalli waterfall
One of the most spectacular natural monuments Atirapalli waterfall is located in the heart of Kerala. Its height is more than 25 meters. In these places, the researchers found only four species of hornbills and several other species of birds that nest only in Kerala. Five kilometers from the waterfall Atirapalli Vazhachal, as natural reservoirs annually attract a huge number of people seeking to contemplate the beauty of nature. The World Association for the Protection of Birds and the Asian branch of the World Wildlife Fund recommended that the Government of India to declare the area around the waterfalls Atirapalli Vazhachal and preservation, in order to preserve the wealth of fauna in the region. In addition to the rich flora and fauna of the region is characterized by the fact that there live some tribes that still retained a primitive way of life. Tourists staying at the "Rain Forest" have the opportunity to walk in the jungle and visit the local tribes, learning their daily lives. This is an amazing corner of the world miraculously untouched by civilization, and this is his incredible charm and appeal. Thousands of tourists who annually visit Kerala, happy to travel to the waterfalls.

Arvalemsky waterfall
Arvalemsky waterfall is located near the famous resort Arvalem state of Goa, India. This is a beautiful natural attraction of Goa, enjoys unprecedented popularity among tourists. The waterfall is cascading shape, its height exceeds 50 meters, it is the second highest waterfall in Goa. It flows into the picturesque lake between the rocks. The most beautiful pictures of the waterfall derived from the lake, in front of him.
Tourists are offered as part of a tour to the top of the waterfall and enjoy opening there a panoramic view of the surroundings. Going down to the foot of the falls, you will see the lake, where it falls. They are equipped with entry slopes, and you can refresh yourself. This impressive waterfall becomes Arvalemsky after (and during) the rainy season, when powerful jets of water cascading from a height and looks to charm shine in the sun and create a rainbow.

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