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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Best 5 hikes of Hong Kong

5. Tai Long Wan

Hong Kong's excellent beaches are the territory’s most remote, and wonderful natural hike regions which is a major tourist attraction for the mass.
From Sai Kung Town, create your way to the ending of the Sai Kung Man Yee Road all along the High Island Reservoir, the initial point for stage 2 of the Maclehose Trail.
Just above the first hill is Long Ke beach, a flavor of what lies forward and a good spot for a rapid swim before tackle the hard climb up Sai Wan Shan.

4. Sunset Peak & Lantau Peak

Give Hong Kong Disneyland as well as its throng of tourists a miss as well as check out two of Lantau Island’s other star attraction: Sunset Peak in addition to Lantau Peak.
Hop a ferry from Central toward Mui Wo, where it is a short bus ride or else walk up to Nam Shan as well as the start of stage 2 of the Lantau Trail.
A stable climb ultimately delivers you to a plateau alongside the North face of Sunset Peak, from where you must be able to spot planes taking off as well as landing at one of the globe’s busiest airports.

3. Tai Mo Shan

Hong Kong’s skyscrapers might be dizzyingly tall, however you won’t locate the territory’s uppermost point downtown.
That crown goes to Tai Mo Shan (Big Hat Mountain) in the Central New Territories, which at 957 meters is twice as elevated as any of the city’s man-made offering.
The frequently mist-covered mountain was formerly renowned for the “cloud and mist” green tea which grow on its slopes, which covers the greatest cultural menifestation.

2. Pat Sin Leng

Some of the premium hiking attractions in Hong Kong could be found just south of the territory's boundary with mainland China.
Starting at Cloudy Hill just North of Tai Po, Pat Sin Leng (Ridge of the Eight Immortal) is a series of 500-meter peak named after well-known characters in Chinese myths.
The further met stages could either be joined after a grueling climb over Cloudy Hill, or else farther along at the Hok Tau Reservoir – best reach by taxi or minibus from Fanling MTR station.

1. The Dragon's Back

The preferred hiking spot that goes under notion is The Dragon’s Back .Though the well-deserved fame of this ridgeline hike on Hong Kong Island could make it frustratingly packed at times, the stunning views of the south side of the island more than make up for the trouble.
After rounding Mount Collinson, the trail turn down past the remarkably terraced Cape Collinson cemetery as well as into Big Wave Bay – Hong Kong's most excellent surfing spot, certainly.

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