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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

India is a country that is located in South Asia, ranking seventh in the world by area. In India is divided into 28 states. Let's look at 18 State is Himachal Pradesh and analyze what interesting things you can see in this northern region of the country.

Attractions  Himachal Pradesh.

Walking to the sights of the state begin to Shimla - the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Capital Shimla located at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level, surrounded by the famous Himalayan forests with unusually pure and transparent air. Here they grow Himalayan spruce, rhododendron, oaks, pines, wild flowers and herbs. The forest is home to various animals (deer, jackals), including prey (sometimes you can meet and leopard). In addition to the animals of the forest filled with numerous numbers of birds, from which you
can select the Himalayan pheasants and eagles. In 1864, it was the summer residence of the British India.

Rewalsar Lake is the main place of pilgrimage for Buddhists and Hindus, on the banks of which were built several monasteries. Shimla is a Christian church - the Church of Christ. On top of a mountain cave with a statue of Padmasambhava teacher where Padmasambhava spent his days in meditation. The road to it is dotted with prayer flags, and knocked on the rock mantra (a
sacred hymn).

 Vashisht village located at an altitude of 1982 meters and is known for sulphurous hot springs with Vashisht temple of black stone. Not far from this place is a temple Ramachandra (Rama). Outside the village, with numerous cliff raging waterfalls, striking for its beauty and grandeur, crashing a 35-meter height.

McLeod Ganj is located a few kilometers from Darmshaly (the
administrative center of the state), and is considered the city of Tibetan refugees. Here is the residence of the Dalai Lama and many other monasteries and temples in which there are statues of Buddha 3 meters high, the god of compassion - Avalokiteshvara, the Indian scholar - Padmasambhava. The city has: Institute of Tibetan medicine and astrology, school of Buddhist art and dialectics, Tibetan Culture Museum. These places attract tourists and pilgrims
from around the world.

Chamba - a town named after the daughter of Raja Sahil Varman- Champavati. To get to the city can be, crossing the bridge over the river Ravi. In the city center for a large area of ​​social and cultural activities called Choga that surround the building, including the ancient palace akhanda. The local churches are the most beautiful temples of Himachal Pradesh. City Museum Bhuri Singh presents the history of Chamba, which displays thumbnails of mural painting, stone carving, metal mask, silver and copper products, as well as hand-embroidered handkerchiefs room. They are used for temple offerings and gifts.

In Hichmachal Pradesh is one of the most interesting tours is a trip to the "toy train", which will forward you from Kalki in Shilmu. During the way you can enjoy all the splendor of scenic spots, natural beauty. The train travels about 35 minutes at low speed along the rocky cliffs, forests. At 19 kilometers from Shilmy is a small hill station Kufri. Here are the Himalayan Nature Park and Indira Tourist Park. In the park the whole family can take a ride on yaks and ponies. There is also a zoo, which is considered the best in India. It contains animals such as Tibetan wolf, black bear, red
panda, snow leopard, tiger and others. Also, several species of birds.

Dharamsala is the administrative center of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh.. Here you can visit the residence of the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa's residence, a library with a large collection of Tibetan books, other temples located nearby along the banks of the sacred lake Rewalsar. At the residence of the Dalai Lama is the Church of England in 1852 - Church of St. John.Not far from Dharamsala or Makledo Ganja Bugs is a very popular village with tourists. In the village there is a small temple of the 16th century - a Shiva temple. Next to the temple there is a sulfur source, and below is a pool,
where for a fee you can take sulfuric bath. On the outskirts of the village there is a waterfall - a great place to travel to the imprinting memory.

Places for entertainment and shopping in Himachal Pradesh.

Country India is a true shopper's paradise. Here you can buy cheap and high-quality fabrics: cotton, wool, cashmere, silk, chiffon, brocade. The cheapest item is the carpets. Many gifts of sandalwood, objects made of copper, brass, bronze. Foodies will appreciate the large variety of all kinds of spices. Very attentive to the acquisition of gold and silver jewelry and precious stones.

Himachal Pradesh is known for the numerous festivals that last for the entire - Shivrati is a celebration in honor of Shiva, which takes place in Mandi from February to March;

- Summer Festival is held in Shimla Dharmsale and from May to June;- Mundzhar festival runs from July to August in Chamba;

- Manimahesh Yatra pilgrimage to the sacred lake of the Hindus for the remission of sins. It lasts from August to September in the city of Bharmur;

- A celebration of Dussehra in Kullu, runs from September to October;

- Lavi Fair held in November in the city of Rampur. It held an exchange of goods of different regions;

- Renuka Fair is a celebration of the harvest. Held in the city of Naha.From November to February is the best time for tourism with the aim of sports entertainment. The city offers a large selection of Shilma sporting events: the descent of the mountain rivers, skiing, scuba diving, golfing. And so, choosing the route of travel to India, look at this state. He certainly colder rest areas, but in the present is a charm and a number of positive points.

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