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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Heavenly Vistas of Kashmir

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is located in the Himalayan mountains in northern India and is divided into three regions, which are very different from each other not only relief but also culture.
Kashmir - the valley is breathtaking, unspoiled lakes and stunning scenery. Jammu - the numerous ancient temples, and wild forests. Ladakh, which is often called the "Small Tibet" - is a secluded Buddhist monastery and at the same time the amazing landscapes of the Himalayas, which are ideal for fans of extreme sports. The state capital - Srinagar (Srinagar or) with a population of about 900 thousand.

State Capital Region - Srinagar (Kashmir), Leh (Ladakh), Jammu (Jammu) - interesting for hiking. Here you can explore the numerous temples, mosques, churches and traditional local markets.
Also interesting to visit:

Mubarak Mandi Palace is interesting because it combines three different styles: Rajasthan, the Great Mongol and Gothic. One of the most famous parts of the palace - Shish Mahal (Sheesh Mahal), which now houses an art museum, "Dogra» (Dogra Art Museum).

Zanskar - lost world, located in the heart of the Himalayas. Traveling in these places - a real adventure for adventurers to get here you can either on foot or by road Kargil - Padum (in winter it is closed). Besides the fascinating species and excellent opportunities for extreme hiking Zanskar lots of interesting Buddhist monasteries. Due to the fact that most of the year the area is practically not available to visit, there remain distinct culture and traditions. Organization of hiking available from June to October, but the most daring tourists can visit Zanskar in May, when given a unique opportunity to make a wonderful journey over the frozen river Zanskar.

Leisure activities of Jammu and Kashmir: Skiing

Gulmarg (Kashmir) - one of the best ski resorts in the Himalayas, which offers excellent opportunities for off-piste skiing. The difference in height - from 2,000 to 4,000 meters. The season runs from late December to mid-April.

Patnitop (Jammu) - a small ski resort located at an altitude of 2024 meters between Jammu (112 km) and Srinagar (180 km). Local slopes are ideal for beginners.State varied terrain offers unique opportunities for the fans of hiking. Fans of active pastime here waiting for a truly fantastic views: blooming alpine pastures and valleys of Kashmir are combined with high passes and the sand dunes of Ladakh.
The organization of routes of different duration: from one day to a week or more. The most favorable period for trekking in the region from May to October. Special equipment for the trek can be rented at stores Srinagar.
State varied terrain offers unique opportunities for the fans of hiking - trekking.

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