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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Nepli Reserve Forest : A Trip to Punjab

Nepali & Kansal Forest (Watch Towers & Rest Houses)

Traditional watchtowers & signages camouflaging the forests are constructed along the nature trails which add beauty to the trails. One can get wide view of Shivalik hills from these twelve watch towers. These watch-towers also help in detecting/ spotting forest fire, illegal poaching and felling. There are three beautiful rest houses namely Kansal Loghut, Kansal Inspection hut and Nepli Inspection hut inside the Sanctuary. Provision of Boating is also kept in water bodies near ‘Kansal Loghut’ and ‘Nepli Inspection hut’

Good forests, easy spotting of wildlife, picturesque water bodies, sprawling lawn of ‘Kansal Loghut’ and ‘Nepli inspection hut’ and serpentine nature trails are attracting Nature lovers and other visitors to Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary. Last year (October 2007 to October 2008), more than 10,000 persons visited the Sanctuary.
At Nepli Forestsa short distance from Kansal forest is located another reserve forest known as Nepli. Nepli is a bit more wild than Kansal. On two sides it is surrounded by small hills and the whole area is covered by thick forest which is full of wild life. There is a small rest house amidst green and flowery lawns.

A walk in these forest areas can be very rewarding as one may come across large variety of wild animals - antelopes, neelgais, hyena, jackals and hares. The Deputy Conservator of Forest Chandigarh issues permits for entry to these forests.back-kikar

Forest Trek

A fireline which is laid down by the Forest Department to reduce fire hazard serves the dual purpose of a trek, has gained popularity among health conscious citizens and tourists. The trek is 8Km long and runs over three hillocks and has a steep gradient. It originates at Nepli Forest Lodge and terminates at Kansal Forest Lodge. It is an educative trek which introduces a different kind of flora and fauna.

Permission has to be sought from the Chief Wile Life Warden before commencing on the trek.

There are excellent places for trekking in the hills near Chandigarh. Most of these routes are in Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. Some of the prominent trekking routes are :

  • Kalka to Kasauli ( 15km)

  • Jabali to Kasauli (6 km)

  • Morni to Tikar Tal (7km)

  • Morni to Ghagar River (4km)

  • Kasauli to Sabathu (13km)

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